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2009 Hyundai Genesis – Hyundai’s First Luxury Automobile


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Every year automobile enthusiasts and also vehicle reporters head over to local vehicle premiers as well as conventions where all the renown automakers release their priceless infants for the masses to gawk at and also do the “ooh-ah” over as well as over, it resembles taking a child to the sweet-shop, yet this 2009 differs from any type of various other.

Our favored schedule of first-class high-end sedans for 2009, obviously, includes all-time favorites like the Lexus GS, the Infiniti M, and the Chrysler 300, but right close to these there’s an unique, unknown high-end Car that has been grabbing everyone’s interest.

And Also Pontiac, BMW, or Mercedes are exempt for this; it originates from an unanticipated source. However you’ll possibly never ever guess who that unforeseen resource is, nevertheless you know your luxury Cars as well as you understand who makes them.

I will not leave you in suspense any longer but certainly in utter shock, the mystery car manufacturer is none besides the Korean car manufacturer itself, Hyundai.

That’s right, Hyundai very signs up with the High-end Sedan organization this 2009 via the release of the Genesis; its first 8-cylinder rear-drive luxury car.

So for 2009 happy Hyundai dealerships eagerly await to stand for the Genesis this upcoming summertime.

Surprisingly enough Genesis is a synonym for “starting” which in this instance is totally proper as well as entirely suggestive that this is merely the starting for high-end sedans from Hyundai, the world aspires to find out what Oriental designers can provide so allow’s have a look at what the Genesis promises.

Performance Specs:

Engines and also transmissions:

Certainly a great deal of luxury-vehicle fanatics are unsure that Hyundai is actually up for the challenge. Yet if Japanese automakers like Lexus as well as Infiniti have gotten an incredible track record, likewise Korean business, Hyundai ventures a similar course.

And absolutely Hyundai is off with an excellent beginning; nevertheless it instantly damaged obstacles as soon as it made the decision to release the Genesis with the selection of an 8-cylinder engine.

Of course the base powertrain on the Genesis is made up by a 6-cylinder, 3.8 litre DOHC engine that utilizes Continually Variable Shutoff Timing (CVVT) in order to boost the power spread. But even with one of the most fundamental powertrain, the Genesis will certainly accomplish as much as 290 horse power as well as 264 extra pounds per foot of torque.

Expectedly, the Genesis with 6-cylinder engine includes an Aisin 6-speed SHIFTRONIC transmission full with overdrive and also a lock-up torque converter that strives in order to boost its fuel economy on the freeway.

As for the updated powertrain attributes, well it’s greater than you ‘d anticipate from a freshly released deluxe car from Hyundai. As a matter of fact it has actually outdone the Acura which comes with a 6-cylinder, 3.7-liter SOHC VTEC engine.

Thanks to that 8-cylinder, 4.6 liters DOHC engine you can achieve anywhere in between 368 to 375 horse power, relying on whether you fill out your baby with costs or normal gas. Plainly it has actually just beat the Lexus GS V8 Sedan as well as the other competing V8 Sedans such as the 300 from Chrysler, the G8 from Pontiac and also the Infiniti M when it concerns horsepower.

And in order to handle the monstrous horsepower that the V8 trim produces, the Genesis features a better ZF 6-speed transmission.


The ASD suspension that the Genesis sustains is what the leading high-end lorries on the market from Lexus, BMW, as well as Mercedes support also.

The Genesis’ front suspension is composed of an independent 5-link style with SACHS ASD; gas shock absorbers; coil springs; and 25mm anti-sway bar. At the same time the rear suspension is an independent 5-link design too with SACHS ASD; gas shock absorbers; coil springs; and also an 18 mm anti roll bar for the V8 trim and also a 17 mm anti-roll bar.

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