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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Aircon Post-Chemical Overhaul


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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Aircon Post-Chemical Overhaul

A chemical overhaul may revitalise and make your air...

A chemical overhaul may revitalise and make your air conditioner system function at maximum efficiency. Nonetheless, to maximise the advantages and sustain the efficiency of your system, you must maintain it after a chemical overhaul. So, if you have done a chemical overhaul in Singapore recently, follow these five maintenance tips for your air conditioner.

1. Frequent Cleaning and Replacement of Filters

Ensuring the air filters are clean is the first step in maintaining your system after an air conditioning chemical overhaul. Dust, pollen, and other airborne particles are captured by air filters, keeping them out of your interior space. These filters have the potential to clog with time, decreasing efficiency and airflow. Depending on how often they are used and the manufacturer’s instructions, the air filters must be cleaned or replaced every few months. Maintaining clean filters will enhance indoor air quality and help your air conditioner operate at peak efficiency.

2. Keep the Outdoor Unit Clear

Your air conditioning system’s exterior unit is essential for releasing heat drawn from your interior space. After the chemical overhaul, it’s critical to remove obstacles like leaves, garbage, and overgrown plants from the vicinity of the outside unit. To provide enough ventilation, make sure there is a minimum of two feet of space surrounding the unit. Maintain the outdoor unit’s fins and coils on a regular basis to avoid dirt accumulation, which can reduce efficiency and increase energy usage

3. Check and Modify Thermostat Configurations

After a chemical overhaul, the lifespan and functionality of your air conditioning system may be greatly impacted by how well you operate your thermostat. Your thermostat should be set to a pleasant yet energy-efficient temperature. Steer clear of sudden temperature swings, as they might put more strain on your air conditioner and increase wear and tear. To ensure effective functioning and save energy, consider using a programmable thermostat to automatically regulate the temperature based on your schedule.

4. Arrange for Continual Maintenance

For long-term performance, frequent expert maintenance is still necessary, even though a chemical overhaul offers a comprehensive deep clean. Plan regular maintenance inspections for at least once a year to spot possible problems early and take appropriate action. A qualified expert may check for wear on the system, verify the amount of refrigerant, make sure the electrical connections are tight, and make any required modifications. Frequent maintenance increases the lifespan of your air conditioning system and helps prevent unplanned malfunctions.

5. Examine and Clean the Drain Pipes

Your air conditioner’s drainage system is essential for clearing condensation and avoiding water accumulation. It’s crucial to routinely inspect and clean the drain lines following a chemical overhaul to ensure they are clear of obstructions. Clogged drain pipes allowing water to back up inside might result in water damage and the development of mould and mildew in the apartment. To maintain the drain lines clear and in good working order, flush them every few months using a vinegar and water solution or a specialist cleaner.


After a chemical overhaul, proper maintenance is crucial to your air conditioner’s durability and effectiveness. You can optimise the advantages of the chemical overhaul and have a comfortable inside atmosphere by cleaning and changing filters on a regular basis, keeping the outside unit clear, keeping an eye on thermostat settings, arranging frequent expert maintenance, and inspecting drain lines. In addition to improving performance, proper maintenance lowers energy usage and averts expensive repairs. Invest in these easy procedures to maintain the best possible condition for your air conditioning system all year long.


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