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This is specifically what had really determined Sony Ericsson ahead up with the Satio, outfitted with the 12 mega pixel camera. Nonetheless, prior to Sony-Ericsson’s dream could end up being reality, Samsung made a quick action, and started the manufacturing of the Pixon12 mobile phones powered by a 12mega pixel video camera, vehicle emphasis and other powerful photography relevant specifications like Xenon flash.

Without a doubt it was Sony Ericsson that had actually generated this dazzling concept of taking the resolution of video cameras of the cellphones to a following level. Also the last time, Samsung was the very first one to launch an 8MP cam, and also they have actually done it once more in style. The Pixon12 is anticipated to hit the European market sometime by the end of next month.

Nonetheless, Sony-Ericsson evidently can’t merely compete with the rate of Samsung, as well as has the Satio scheduled for launch by the end of fourth quarter approximately. Quite clearly annoyed after being outmaneuvered with Samsung’s quick moves, currently Sony-Ericsson plans to add some even more rewards to the Satio, which will not be divulged till the launch.

12mega pixel powered Samsung Pixon 12 will certainly likewise offer you with WiFi, 3G and also BlueTooth connectivity for documents transfers and web browsing, and also it will certainly be the most recent addition to the touch-screen line up of Samsung.

Samsung is completely on a roll, as they had good success with the Samsung Celebrity and the Celebrity 3G mobile phone. and also currently the Pixon is anticipated to create a large buzz with its 12 mega pixel electronic camera for sure. Yet, you may just wonder what sort of price tag would this substantial mobile phone bear, as well as how many customers would actually choose to purchase it in the current economic situation!

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